Dobsonian Telescope Series "Infinity NL": Accessories

There are several options that make observing with a telescope much more comfortable. This is why all telescopes of the „Infinity“ and the „Horizon“ series can be upgraded with the following optional accessory components.

1) Digital Setting Circles (BDSC)

Carrying around folders full of star charts around during the night used to be the norm for a long time. However in times of smartphones and tablets this is no longer necessary.

Every telescope by „Spacewalk Telescopes“ can be equipped with digital setting circles made by the company „Astroleuchten“. In combination with the Android software „Sky Safari“ millions of various objects become available – open clusters, galaxies, gas nebulae, current comets, tens of thousands of asteroids and many more. When using the night mode the digital star chart`s appearance is changed to shades of red and when additionally adjusting the display`s brightness to the minimum value you won´t need to worry about the dark adaptation of your eyes.

Handling the system is very easy: adjust the telescope´s direction to bring two stars within the middle of the field of view, in each case confirm the position within the software – from then on a reticle presents the telescope´s position on the digital star chart with an accuracy of 20-25`. It has never been easier to tour the night sky and show your family and friends the greatest objects the universe has to offer. Also when bringing visual observation to larger groups of people for example students the setting circles are extremly helpful.

Whatever you decide to do, you don´t need to waste time on searching for objects anymore. Instead you can use that precious time for what it is meant to be: a chance for travelling to the most wonderful and interesting objects in our universe.

(Since the question arises often: please note that the equatorial platform and the digital setting circles do not work together very well, since the precision within such a setup is greatly reduced.)

2) Baseplate For Usage On Soft Ground Or Snow

The soft ground of a meadow or snowed in ground is not very suitable for placing a telescope on it. When changing the direction of view or focussing, the telescope will vibrate much more on such ground than it normally would.

That´s why all telescopes of the „Infinity NL“ and the „Horizon“ series can be equipped with an optional baseplate which is tailored to the specific telescope.

The bottom side of the plate contains conical threads which can easily be embedded into soft ground or snow, anchoring the plate safely to the ground. The telescope´s feet are then placed within the respective slots on the top side of the baseplate – the telescope is now in a safe and stable position.

3) Filter Slider

Glowing masses of gas can be found in various locations within the band of the Milky Way. The most famous of them are probably the Veil Nebula, the Lagoon Nebula and of course the Orion Nebula which in very clear cold winter nights can even be seen with the naked eye.

Not all gas nebulae react the same to a specific filter. For example the Horsehead Nebula shows many more details when using an Hß filter than when using an UHC filter while the fine and sometimes sharp-edged filaments of the Veil Nebula can be observed best with an OIII filter. Often it is not clear beforehand, which filter will be the most suitable for a specific nebula and one has to find the optimal candidate through try and error.

This process is much easier when using a filter slider made by the company „Spheretec“ which offers space for three 2“ filters as well as a big aperture for observing without any filter. With this slider one can change the filters back and forth behind the eyepiece within seconds and comfortably find the best option for the current object.

4) Mirrorbox Counterweight

In case you´d like to use very heavy eyepieces, it may be neccessary to integrate a counterweight into the mirrorbox so the telescope can keep its balance easily.

The counterweights are made of precision-turned stainless steel. They are available in a 900g and in a 1700g version which counter 300g and 650g on the secondary cage respectively.

Installing the weights is very easy, they are just mounted to the mirror box profiles via two allen screws.

5) Main Mirror Storage Box

When not using one´s telescope for a longer period of time it is a good idea to prevent the main mirror from collecting too much dust. Also when planning to take the telescope on longer car travels one may want to transport the main mirror separately and safely in the car trunk instead of within the telescope.

For these cases every parabolic mirror made by Spacewalk Telescopes can be eqipped with a suitable storage box. The box is made of durable Multiplex, which is lacquered twice and has integrated carrying handles. Within the box felt pads secure the mirror additionally – making the box the perfect home for your precious mirror.