16" Dobsonian Telescope "Infinity NL": Concept

Exploring the Universe with an Infinity NL

Infinity, the incredible vastness of our universe – this is how the telescope series' name came into existence.

The series has been designed for the active astronomer, someone like you. Grabbing the chance for another clear night under the stars you put your compact „Infinity NL“ into the car trunk and rush towards the dark skies at your favorite place for observing as soon as the sun sets.

Arriving at your destination you set up your „Infinity NL“ within minutes: you put the rockerbox onto the ground, insert the mirrorbox, mount the four trusses and add the secondary cage with its matt black secondary baffle. Done.

While you are sitting in your chair, watching the sky darken more and more, the thin and interferometric tested primary mirror cools down fast until it reaches ambient temperature enabling it to deliver its full potential.

Soon your telescope is ready and you can start collecting starlight. You take the cover off the mirror box and point the telescope towards Polaris with you finder. Using high magnification you adjust the primary mirror via two adjustment screws from above the box. As in most cases you don´t need more than a quarter of a revolution in order to center the secondary´s shade within the extrafocal image of the star.

Since you have ordered your „Infinity NL“ with the optionally available digital setting circles a quick alignment procedure follows. You connect the battery box and pair your smartphone with the telescope, wireless via bluetooth. You decide on two stars you navigate to and confirm their locations within the interactive star map via a tip of your fingers. Now you can choose from tens of thousands of objects and navigate to these within a very short time.

In the spring you explore the winding spirals of Messier 51, then, in a warm summer night the bone hand of the famous cirrus nebula hovers in front of the dark background in your eyepiece, shining ghostly, revealing sharp edges and faint outliers. Another time during the winter, when the snow crunches under your boots, you marvel at the green lighting of the orion nebula, finding countless filaments and details within it once the filter slider clicks into place, positioning your UHC filter behind the eyepiece... You decide to pay a visit to Messier 13, one of the most breath taking globular clusters in the northern hemisphere. The excellent optical quality of your „Infinity NL“ resolves the huge sphere made of stars until deep into its center, amazing you with the sight of hundreds of faint singular stars. The 2“ focuser by Baader with its smooth 1:11 reduction ratio allows you to easily focus your view.

Every of those nights slowly fades eventually and dawn approaches.

Just as fast as you set up your telescope the evening before, you disassemble it and get it back into your car trunk in no time. While everyone around you is still at sorting and stuffing their equipment away you´re already on your way home, thinking of galaxies, nebulae and the infinite space around us.