16" Dobsonian Telescope "Infinity NL": Technical Specifications

Optics 16 Inch
Primary Mirror 400/1700mm
Focal Ratio f/4.3
Thickness of Primary 25mm
Weight of Primary 6.3 kg
Strehl Ratio Primary S > 0,90
Interferom. Test Certificate inclusive
Faintest Star @ V=200x 15.9mag
Faintest Star @ V=350x 16.3mag
Rayleigh Resolution Limit 0.29"
Secondary Mirror 88mm
Obstruction 22%

Mechanics 16 Inch
Transport Mode 1 55x55x25cm
Transport Mode 2 55x61x71cm
Total Weight of Telescope ~ 26 kg
Weight of heaviest part ~ 15 kg
Thickness of trusses 18 mm
Max. Length of trusses 115 cm
Viewing Height Zenith 154cm

Attachments 16 Inch
Focuser 2" Baader
Reduction Ratio 1:11

Accessories 16 Inch
Secondary Heating optional
Filter Slide optional
Digital Setting Circles optional
Counterweight optional