16" Dobsonian Telescope "Infinity NL": Transport Modes

Let´s be honest, nobody enjoys loosening countless screws to disassemble their telescope in the middle of the night after a long observing session. Far after midnight and many glimpses into the universe the priority then shifts to coming home and getting some sleep as quickly as possible. An easy and fast transport mode is needed here.

On the other hand when going on vacation and that car trunk just seems to severly shrink with all the items loaded in, a most compact transport mode for your telescope is necessary so you don´t have to compromise.

Luckily your „Infinity NL“ offers you both options enabling you to shift the priority between time and size depending on the situation. It can be set up and packed up again within minutes but also (with a little more effort) be reduced to a space-saving, clevery nested package.

1) Transport Mode 1 – As small as possible

If you would like to reduce the size of your telescope as far as possible, both rings of the secondary cage are put into the mirror box which in turn is closed up with the cover plate. This package then easily fits into the rockerbox and is secured against sliding around with 4 lateral screws.

The trusses and reinforcing elements are put within their transport bag. Accessories like the secondary cage plates, the focuser and finder can safely be stowed away, for example within a small aluminum case. The side bearings and the secondary baffle are transported separately.

2) Transport Mode 2 – Fastest possible setup

If time is your priority and the telescope has to be ready but also packed up again as quickly as possible you can use the second transport mode.

After a long expedition into the univere you secure the cover plate over the mirror, take off the secondary baffle, loosen the upper clamps of the trusses and remove the secondary cage. Even the secondary mirror can be left in it´s place, a huge advantage. Afterwards you quickly remove the trusses, put them into their bag and place the secondary cage in the intended position on the mirror box. Now you´re ready to put the telescope into the car trunk and and leave for home.

All of this can easily be done within 10 minutes, with a little training perhaps even in 5 minutes. While everyone around you is still handling their equipment you can already get on your way thinking about the awesome things you´ve seen tonight.