16" Dobsonian Telescope "Infinity NL": Summary Descripition

Dobsonian telescopes of high quality and an optimal price-performance ratio – these are the key features of the „Infinity NL“ telescope series. The 16“ model combines an excellent main mirror with a compact and lightweight design providing great optical performance as well as an easy handling.

The only 25mm thin main mirrors are completely made in Germany, from the blank disk to the final parabolic form. They are carefully ground, polished and measured within the Spacewalk Telescopes manufacturing facilities and come to you with an interfero-metric test certificate.

This high-quality optic offers sharp, high-contrast images of the Moon, planets and Deep-Sky objects that will take your breath away.

The telescope mechanics have been constructed in a lightweight design. The main mirror is safely supported by a floating mirror cell consisting of 18 support points which in turn is housed within a multiply reinforced mirror box. The optical alignment can be done easily from the top side of the box via two star knob nuts. Setting up and aligning an Infinity NL dobson telescope is simple and can be achieved in under 10 minutes even by less experienced observers. Additionally every telescope can be equipped with digital setting circles at any time. Despite their low weight these dobsonians are extremely vibration- and torsion-resistant and offer a very stable alignment.

All of these attributes make the experience of observing the wonderous night sky with an Infinity NL dobsonian telescope an amazing and unforgettable experience.

1) Short Profile

2) Detailed Description of the "Infinity NL" Telescope Series

The following pages contain not only all relevant information about the telescopes, their optical components and mechanical concept, but also details on transport modes and of course the most important technical data has also been summarized for you:

3) Optionally available accessories and upgrades

Detailed descriptions of the available accessories and upgrades like Digital Setting Circles can be found here:

4) Information for offline use

The following link leads to the current price list:

5) The universe as seen through a 20“ dobsonian telescope

Sketches are the best way to accurately represent the way in which an astronomical object appears when seen through the eyepiece of a telescope. Share the experiences of seeing the universe through a 20“ telescope under a dark sky with your own eyes and discover star clusters, gaseous nebulae and galaxies drawn by an experienced fellow astronomer.

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