Our universe is a place full of hidden wonders – an infinite expanse that mankind can never hope to know in its entirety. But once night falls, it reveals some of its secrets to those who set out into the darkness, far away from the glaring lights of civilization.

A mild summer evening on the familiar meadow is waiting for you, some trees slightly waving in the distance. With the dobsonian telescope stashed away on the backseat, you rush towards your observing spot – looking forward to all the places in the universe you will visit tonight, wondering what they might be like. Once you have arrived, the few components of your telescope are assembled within minutes. While dawn slowly fades into night the instrument´s integrated fans hum lightly, cooling the primary mirror down to ambient temperature.

The darkening sky begins to show the first twinkeling stars. Slowly the milky way emerges as a diffuse band extending over the firmament while a little owl starts calling somewhere under the trees. Soon night has fallen and the first starlight reaches your telescope´s mirror. Your journey to the remote corners of our universe is about to begin. Where should you go, the Moon or our neighbouring planets, maybe to glistening starclusters and delicate nebulae or even farther away to galaxies spiraling in the vast space beyond?

Whichever of the following models you may have chosen, that Spacewalk Telescope becomes your window into the deep mysterious place that is our universe.

Those glimpses into the vastness of space will continue to amaze and always stay with you.

Telescope Series "Infinity NL"

The „Infinity NL“ telescopes are available with either 400mm or 500mm aperture. The series is characterized by high quality optics and mechanics as well as an optimal prize-performance ratio.

It´s stable lightweight construction allows for the telescope to be easily transported within a car and to be carried over short distances by one person without any problems.

The setup is done within a few minutes so that after a short time of preparation you can settle down in your deck chair under the darkening sky, looking forward to all the things your Infinity NL is about to show to you.

Telescope Series "Horizon"

The brand new 20“- and 25“-Model of the „Horizon Series“ are characterized by their extremely short focal ratio of f/3.2. This allows for a comfortable, very low viewing height, which comes to only 150cm even for a 20“ dobsonian. The times of high ladders and pedestals on insecure meadow grounds in the night are over.

High quality materials like welded aluminum frames and lightweight carbon trusses and plates turn these telescopes into something truly special accom-panying you on your expeditions between the stars.

The 635mm primary of the 25“ model collects over 10,000 times the light that the naked eye can provide on its own. This telescope will not only show you colors within Orion Nebula but also singular stars of the Andromeda Galaxy and remote quasars far out at the edge of the observable universe.

Parabolic Mirrors and Mirror Sets

The Spacewalk Telescopes product portfolio contains extremly high-quality parabolic mirrors that are handmade by Spacewalk Telescopes in Germany and come with an interferometric test certificate. The mirrors are furthermore characterized by a very small edge thickness, which makes the mirror not only more lightweight but also allows for it to cool down significantly faster.

The high-quality secondary mirrors are made by a renowned manufacturer in the USA. Primary and secondary therefore form an exceptionally efficient optical system.

Of course all Spacewalk Telescope Dobsonians are equipped with these mirrors, but the optics can also be purchased separately either only the primary or primary and secondary in a set.