Our universe is a place full of hidden wonders - infinitely vast and never fully comprehensible. But when night falls, it reveals some of its secrets to those who venture into the darkness, far from any lights of our civilization.

To bring these wonders and secrets closer to you as well, the company "Spacewalk Telescopes" from Karlsruhe (Germany) offers two telescope series at once: "Infinity NL" and "Horizon". Both feature very good optics and low overall weight. They are also available with a tracking platform.

The product range is completed by custom-made parabolic mirrors for own telescope projects.

Telescope Series "Infinity NL"

The telescopes of the "Infinity NL" series are available with 400mm aperture only and are characterized by a high optical and mechanical quality, as well as by a very good price-performance ratio.

Manufactured in a stable lightweight construction, the telescopes can be easily carried in a car and can be carried comfortably by one person.

The assembly takes only a few minutes, so that you can make yourself comfortable in the deck chair after a short time and look forward to the things that your "Infinity NL" will soon show you under the darkening firmament.

Telescope Series "Horizon"

What sets the 20 inch and 25 inch models of the new "Horizon" telescope series apart is the very short focal ratio of f/3.2, allowing for an extremely low viewing height, which is just 180 centimeters even at 25" aperture. Gone are the days of wobbly ladders on nighttime lawns.

High-quality materials such as welded aluminum frames and optionally available carbon poles make these lightweight telescopes something very special.

Each mirror is specially produced by "Spacewalk Telescopes". Both the main mirror and the high quality secondary mirror are interferometrically measured and delivered with a test protocol.

EQ Platform "Trackie"

Especially at high magnifications, tracking the telescope by hand is not only a bit exhausting in the long run, but you also run the risk of missing moments with very good seeing. This is where the tracking platform "Trackie" comes in. It is not only compatible with every telescope of the "Infinity NL" and "Horizon" series, but also with pretty much every other Dobsonian telescope.

Parabolic Mirrors and Mirror Sets

The product range of Spacewalk Telescopes is rounded off by high-quality parabolic mirrors, which are manufactured in house here in Germany. The special feature is the very low edge thickness, which makes the mirror cool down especially fast.

Each optic is delivered with an interferometric test protocol and can be purchased together in a set with a very good secondary mirror, which are specially imported from the USA.