Parabolic mirrors made by Spacewalk Telescopes

1) General Information

Spacewalk Telescopes does not only construct and manufacture the telescope mechanics but also manufactures the primary mirrors for its dobsonian telescope series „Infinity NL“ and „Horizon“.

This makes it possible to constantly guarantee the highest quality in mechanics and optics for every Spacewalk Telescope. With the top quality mirrors resulting in high-contrast and sharp images you will get to experience impressions of the moon, planets and Deep Sky objects that are just incomparable.

The paraboloc mirrors can also be purchased separately with available diameters from 300mm to 635mmm and variable focal ratios. Every mirror comes with an interferometric test protocol, giving you exact information on its optical performance and quality.

2) Detailed Description and Further Information

The following pages contain all relevant information about the parabolic mirrors from "Spacewalk Telescopes", the used materials and the coating. You will also see, how the optical quality of the mirrors is determined with the help of interferometric measurements and how fast such a thin mirror cools down on a cold, clear winter night.

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