16"+20" Dobsonian Telescope "Infinity NL": Carbon Edition

Its special characteristics make carbon fiber an essential material for many technical areas nowadays.

Carbon fiber improved telescopes also offer unique advantages. Especially concerning the truss tube construction it is possible to achieve an increased stability and rigidness while at the same time reducing the weight.

But not only the technical aspects make carbon fiber an interesting material for the active astronomer. Since the carbon fiber trusses feel much warmer than their aluminum counterparts, you will be pleasently reminded of choosing this upgrade every time you reach to touch your telescope as soon as temperatures drop. The comfortable haptic of carbon fiber trusses is complemented by their high-quality looks, giving your telescope that certain something.

The 16“ and 20“ versions of the Infinity NL series can be upgraded with carbon fibre trusses (20mm diameter) at any time.

The upgrade includes the carbon fiber components as well as the matt-black powder coating of the upper and lower truss holders as well as the telescope braces to achieve a consistent look in elegant black.